Morning Stretches

One of the best things about my morning routine is stretching. It helps me wake up and get ready to take on the physical challenges of the day. Stretching has many benefits including improving your posture, reducing stress, and preventing injuries. This series of stretches only takes about 5 minutes.

Thanks to my daughter for taking these pics! I usually hold each stretch to a count of 7, 14, or 21. I have a thing about multiples of 7. 🙂

Stretch your arms in front of you as far as you can.
Tighten your stomach muscles while pressing your lower back to the floor. This stretch is more like an exercise. Tighten, press, release, and then repeat 20 more times.
Hamstring stretch. Be sure to stretch both legs. 🙂
Don’t forget the other leg. 🙂
Now take the bottom of your leg, move it across your body, and hold. Stretch each leg.
So relaxing! Don’t forget to switch sides.
Inner thigh stretch.
Flex your feet back and forth several times, and then stretch both arms toward your feet.
One of my favorite stretches! Don’t forget to stretch both sides.
Front thigh stretch.
Can’t forget the arms. 🙂
See how far you can bend to each side.
Stretch each hip.
Bend your knees slightly, and then try to touch your toes.
Hip flexor stretch. Don’t forget to stretch each side.

Drop a comment below if you stretch everyday or if you would like to add stretching to your daily routine. Let me know what your favorite stretches are!


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