“I am so thankful for Lisa and her knowledge for overall health. Anytime I need nutritional information, she is the number one person I contact for help. She is very prompt to reply with very helpful information I need. She has helped me so much on numerous occasions in my overall desire for better health. I have even had questions for my family members, and she has been very helpful in that area as well. I have learned so much! I would recommend her to everyone!”

Melissa L.
Taylors, SC

“Lisa has been my go to for advice and help over many years. She is knowledgeable on many levels and has always been such a valuable resource I can count on when needed.”

–Dana P.
Greer, SC

“Lisa is very knowledgeable about all things health and wellness. She is one of the first people I go to when I have a question about my own health or the health of my loved ones. She is always quick to respond to my questions and willing to guide me towards the best resources. I trust Lisa’s advice because it is sound and supported by years of her own research and experience.”

–Bonnie W.
Roebuck, SC

“I am so thankful for Lisa and her expertise in health and nutrition. She has taught me so much about the best foods to give my body and what they do for me. She was also very encouraging during my weight loss journey and kept me accountable to stay motivated. Her guidance in grocery shopping for whole foods started out as something I had to put into practice, but now, shopping and eating these foods has become a habit. Highly recommend Lisa and her coaching!”

–Eden S.
Tigerville, SC
Coaching Client

“Lisa has been such a blessing to me and my husband, especially after my husband’s cancer diagnosis. Lisa is a very knowledgeable health coach, who truly wants to educate her clients on how to make better health choices. With so much compassion and care, Lisa went above and beyond in offering her time, coaching, and expertise. We highly recommend Lisa Hodge.”

–Rita S.
Lyman, SC
Coaching Client

“I recommend Lisa to anyone who is wanting to make big changes in their lifestyle: mind, body, AND spirit. Her knowledge about nutrition is endless and she truly has a heart for helping others reach their goals and change their lives for the better.”

–Amy M.
Greenville, SC
Coaching Client

“I enjoyed having Lisa as a coach because I need to be accountable, and having a coach helped me focus on my goals. I loved when she went to the healthy grocery stores with me and showed me healthy options. Lisa is very knowledgeable on healthy lifestyle issues.”

–Meg Q.
Greenville, SC
Coaching Client and Workshop Attendee

“Lisa has an obvious passion for health and helping others. She is cheerful, she communicated the material clearly, and she answered questions well.”

–Emily M.
Simpsonville, SC
Workshop Attendee

“Lisa is so relatable. It is obvious she truly understands and believes in her material. Her excitement is contagious! I feel motivated to do better in my grocery shopping.”

–Jenny C.
Greenville, SC
Workshop Attendee

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